Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Justice" by Dominick Dunne

Book Review of a gossipy gem by Dominick Dunne, "JUSTICE"...Crimes, Trials, and Punishments”. It’s a great read whether you’re a True Crime aficionado or not. Crimes and trials covered include his daughter’s murderer’s trial, OJ Simpson, Martha Bulow, the Menendez Brothers, a little known Delaware Blue Blood murder of Diana Hironaga from here in the swamps, Martha Moxley and others.

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”JUSTICE” by Dominick Dunne

I found this book after a trip to Georgetown, Delaware’s brand new library which has become a huge waste of taxpayer money.

So what else is new under the sun?

Make no mistake Georgetown needed a new library as the old one was smaller than my house. But the thing they built is HUGE, way bigger than little Georgetown could possibly need. This is an age, may I remind, of electronic books.

There has also been quite a bit of confusion over this new library, including an announcement by the county council that they do not have the funds to pay for the library operating costs such as electricity, heat and telephones.

In fact, as of this writing, the Georgetown library is CLOSED and no one seems to know why. It’s been closed for two weeks.

It’s how they do, folks, the politicos, they spend money not needed, money not there, money our children and grandchildren will have to repay.

When I visited the Georgetown, Delaware library and checked out this book “Justice” by Dominick Dunne, fully one full floor had not one single book in it.

Dominick Dunne is known by me mainly as a professional name-dropper, if there is such a thing. He’s part gossip-columnist, part investigative reporter, part journalist, part fiction writer.

What I did NOT know was that Dunne’s own daughter had been murdered by her very possessive, borderline insane boyfriend.

In this book, Dunne gives gossipy, intriguing insights on many famous crimes and trials, including his daughter’s murderer’s trial, OJ Simpson, Martha Bulow, the Menendez Brothers, a little known Delaware Blue Blood murder of Diana Hironaga from here in the swamps, Martha Moxley and others.

It’s good stuff. I was spellbound. Dunne has a gossipy way of writing and by me we’re all born with a bit of a gossipy snoop in us.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about the OJ trial. But Dunne tells the story of OJ’s maid, Rosa Lopez the perjuror, how she became engaged to a 28 year old ventriloquist from Baltimore named Mike Gabriel. Gabriel saw her testifying on TV, became smitten, followed her to El Salvador where she agreed to marry him.

They divorced. Gabriel’s old girlfriend took him back. Her name is Samantha, she acts in porn, she has recently filmed her first anal-sex scene, as Gabriel informed Dunne.

Isn’t that just the coolest tidbit? I love Anne Rule but she seldom gets this kind of stuff from her sources.

Here’s another Dunne scoop:

P aula Barbieri, signed for three million dollar book deal.

Barbieri was, if yon reader recalls, the woman OJ was dating when he killed his wife and Ron Goldman.

"The sounds of their lovemaking in Robert Kardashian's house on the night before Nicole's funeral, according to an inside source, woke up the household."

Imagine that. This smirky creep took two innocent lives and on the night before the funeral of his children’s mother, he’s making loud love to his girlfriend. I’m so glad they finally got this guy in jail.

He could have, just throwing it out there, went away quietly after being granted two free murders by nuts on that OJ jury, none of whom ever wrote a book by the way cause who would read such a thing ? Instead OJ tried every trick in the book to avoid paying restitution to Fred Goldman as lawfully ordered by a court. That stupid stunt with the gun in Las Vegas….well hey, OJ’s in jail and good.

This is a great book, folks. Well-written, mesmerizing, not the same-old rehashed details of crimes, but chock full of new inside info.

Dunne’s daughter should be alive, poor child. Instead she was murdered by a crazy man who managed to get just a few years behind bars and who threatened other women in his life with his insane jealous rage.

Get the book.


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