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Review-"Red Zone"-Aphrodite Jones, When Nuts Raise Killer Dogs People Die

Here's a book Review for Aphrodite Jones' true crime book-"Red Zone".

For Marjorie Knoller is an idiot, married to an idiot, and when idiots raise killer dogs, innocent people like Diane Whipple die horrific deaths.

The amazing behind the scenes story of the San Francisco dog mauling case.

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”Red Zone” by Aphrodite Jones

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Like most of America, I’d heard of the story of the San Francisco woman killed by two rare breed dogs called Presa Canarios. This incident caused citizens across the fruited plains to discuss and argue the merits and concerns of having dangerous dogs in populated areas, indeed even owning them at all.

While most Americans were familiar with pit bulls, Dobermans and other dogs considered dangerous on some level, the Presa Canario was a relatively unknown breed.

This book is the inside story of Robert Noel and his wife, Marjorie Knoller, two of the weirdest and possibly stupidest people to populate this planet. Take two rather stupid people, add a couple of dangerous, vicious and unpredictable dogs and you have a disaster looking for a time and place to happen.

Which happened to be an apartment complex in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco when the dangerous elixir finally came to fruition. Diane Whipple was innocently returning to her apartment after a trip to the grocery when she was attacked by Noel and Knoller’s two Presa Canario dogs and was killed by the severity of the wounds the dogs inflicted.

As I recall the debates raged as defenders of pit bulls assured their friends that it is not the DOGS that are the problem, but rather the owners. Many declared that such dogs should perhaps be banned and this horrible incident added the new breed of the Presa Canario to the roster of dogs considered dangerous.

More information on Presa Canarios HERE.

Indeed if the common wisdom that it is the dog OWNERS who are the problem rather than the dogs, Noel and Knoller re-enforce this stereotype more than any other fact.

Noel and Knoller are both lawyers and God help us that folks of this sort somehow got a law degree. These two mockeries of defenders of justice loved to file court cases on behalf of criminals in the jails and as a clock is right twice a day, sometimes they won.

At some point these fine judges of humanity got involved with a prisoner Paul Schneider, who ran a dog breeding operation from within the walls of his prison. These two lawyers and Schneider, along with various other persons involved with this criminal managed to obtain and raise Presa Canario puppies, all for the Aryan Brotherhood, that quasi-Nazi organization of white supremacy. The ultimate goal of the entire scheme was to sell Presa Canario dogs to Mexican drug cartels and other criminal organizations which would consider having such a dog to be an asset to the activities of such groups.

Presa Canario

Two more self-centered individuals than Noel and Knoller do not exist on this earth. When Diane Whipple lay dying from the wounds inflicted on her by Knoller’s dogs, all Marjorie Knoller could do was usher her dogs back into her apartment, not even calling for help for Whipple.

Neither of these two fine attorneys even queried about Whipple’s wounds, whether she survived or died, until they were informed by law enforcement personnel.

This book gives intriguing looks into the mindset of Noel and Knoller, plus insights into other “normal” people somehow pulled into this crazy scheme by a prisoner. It was the perfect storm that would lead to the inevitable, the death of an innocent by the crazies involved in this whole thing.

Jones also delves into the personalities of the prosecution, the victim, the politics of the trial until the very unusual decision by the judge to overturn the second degree murder conviction by the jury. This weird ruling allowed Marjorie Knoller to get out of jail after serving a short two year sentence for her heinous disregard of the helpless Diane Whipple, who would be forever dead.

I was pleased to learn that after this book was written, the stupid ruling by the judge in this case was overturned and the jury’s verdict of second degree murder would stand.

From the LA Times:
Marjorie Knoller was originally sentenced to four years in prison on a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter, after a judge threw out the jury's second-degree murder conviction in 2002.

Superior Court Judge James Warren said at the time that there was not enough evidence that Knoller knew her two Presa Canarios -- each weighing about 100 pounds -- would kill. One of the dogs, Hera, is pictured above.

Knoller served about half of her sentence and was paroled in 2004, later moving to Florida. But the California Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that Warren interpreted the murder statute too narrowly and said that a judge must reconsider the more serious conviction.

Last month, Superior Court Judge Charlotte Woolard reinstated the second-degree murder conviction. She sentenced Knoller Monday morning. Dennis Riordan, Knoller's attorney, said his client plans to file an appeal.

Makes me feel good to know that the fine, fine Marjorie Knoller will be going back to jail. Couldn’t happen to a more vapid, thoughtless person.

More on Diane Whipple HERE.

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