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Book Review-Deadly Greed-Joe Sharkey

SPAN STYLE="background:yellow"> He claimed a black man carjacked him and his pregnant wife. The carjacker then shot his wife and almost killed him.

His name is Charles Stuart and while he might be unknown today, several years ago he had the entire country in the grip of his terrifying story.

Only it was all a lie.

Here's a book review of Stuart's story by Joe Sharkey..."Deadly Greed".

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”Deadly Greed”-Joe Sharkey

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If one were to utter the name Charles Stuart most of us would likely shrug in non-recognition. Yet a few years back Charles Stuart was on the national news almost 24/7. For Charles Stuart had just attended a birthing class with his expectant wife Carol and as they were driving home their car was hijacked and his wife was shot dead by a bullet to her head.

Charles too was shot and almost mortally wounded but he managed to survive. The infant of Charles and Carol Stuart was removed from his dead mother’s womb but he too died from lack of oxygen via the placenta of his dying mother.

Even though the incident happened in Massachusetts, the nation was shocked. It was the nightmare of all of middle-class white America, the fear that a ride through the bad part of town would have the dark-skinned criminals come out from the shadows to rob and kill us without mercy.

Charles Stuart’s wounds were deadly, so deadly that the cops dismissed the notion that Charles had killed his own wife and set up this criminal scenario. For the word out in the ghetto where the Stuarts were attacked was that no self-respecting robber would shoot the woman BEFORE killing the man. The Boston police too questioned this sequence of events, indeed the entire manner in which the crime went down. Carjackings like this just weren’t normal in the ghetto. And the small time hood who Charles identified as the killer, one Willie Bennett, was considered too shrewd to attempt what was basically a small time robbery in such a dramatic way.

But Charles Stuart almost died from his wounds. If Stuart himself shot his wife and then shot himself to make it all look believable, would he damn near kill himself in the process?

Except Charles didn’t mean to harm himself so badly. In fact he’d read about the proper way to shoot oneself in the gut that would cause the bullet to enter basically the fat area and exit another skin and fat area without causing much damange.

Carol Stuart died shortly after the bullet hit her head. She did not, however, die immediately. It was death thrashings that caused Chuck to shoot himself in the gut in the wrong place and at the wrong angle.

“Deadly Greed” is the behind-the-scenes story of Charles Stuart, a man who wanted more out of life, indeed who rightfully DESERVED more out of life. He wanted the most bucks. He wanted the prettiest girl. He wanted to go on the best vacations, to dine in the best restaurants, to drink in the swankiest clubs and he for damn sure didn’t want a bunch of kids around using up all his funds.

Chuck Stuart was not smart enough by half to carry off this crime. In fact it was only his miscalculation of his shot to his own torso that had him half getting away with this crime. Otherwise he’d have been caught right away. For Chuck Stuart also included two of his brothers in his dirty deeds and how dumb is this?

If Chuck Stuart is to be respected for one thing during his sorry life, it is the fact that he was brave enough to climb to the top of a tall bridge known across the state of Massachusetts for the execution of successful suicides. Chuck Stuart climbed this bridge and threw himself off to his death after his brothers came forth and told the police the truth about that fateful night.

Chuck Stuart saved the country the expense of a trial, the cost of housing him the rest of his life, who knows, maybe God will forgive Chuck Stuart at some point during the expanse of all eternity.

It’s a good read. Author Sharkey was a Massachusetts newspaper reporter at the time. The book is not a big read; it is, after all, a short and very pathetic story. But it’s written well and all facts are presented without prejudice.

Good for a quiet afternoon’s reading enjoyment.
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