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May God Have Mercy-A True Story of Crime and Punishment…John C. Tucker

This is my favorite read of these three, even of the past six months. It’s by John C. Tucker and, heh, it’s a heartfelt very sincere story of a guilty lying murderer who convinced a whole bunch of liberals that he was innocent.

Only he wasn’t and the advantage of me reading this book so long after Donald Coleman met the electric chair he so deserved is my ability to chuckle at the idiots who declared him the victim of an obsessed court system. Only later DNA tests proved…SURPRISE!…the liberals were all wrong! Donald Coleman laughs at them all from his perch in hell.

This is a good one folks. It’s “May God Have Mercy-A True Story of Crime and Punishment”…

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”May God Have Mercy” by John C. Tucker

I must begin by stating plainly that I only checked this book out of the library for one reason, even though it was about an old crime and its premise was one that I do not enjoy in the genre known as True Crime.

I went ahead and slipped the book in my bag for checkout at the library because weather forecasts had two blizzards heading my way and I wanted to have lots to read. Many times before I’d fingered this book but after a perusal of the dust jacket had put it back. For the synopsis described the novel as an attempt to prove innocence of a criminal and I mostly don’t like those books.

I’ve yet to read any such bleeding heart type of book and be convinced that the wrong guy was in jail, that the wrong guy was going to the gallows.

My summary is that books like this are written by authors who embark on the task mostly to write a book that will sell and not because there’s necessarily any truth to any of it.

So the subsequent discoveries after I’d read this book delighted and shocked me.

Amazon link for this book.

This book is the story of Donald Coleman. Donald Coleman was charged with stabbing, strangling and raping his sister-in-law, his wife’s sister. The crime happened in a little mining town in the hollows of Virginia and the locale alone made it the target of legal beagle who were looking to make local investigators look silly and release innocent men.

In fact, one of the first groups to become involved with the attempt to convince us that Donald Coleman was innocent was The New Centurions, a group famous now for having discovered a few criminals in jail that more modern DNA tests have raised enough doubts to secure releases.

There’s never really been any discovery of consequence. Most of the thugs this group gets released are given freedom more that new DNA tests show the presence of unidentified DNA, thus raising doubts.

This is fine but do not be fooled that this, and other similar groups, are freeing death row inmates by the score for recently discovered irrefutable evidence.

It is Kitty Behan, however, a naïve, really dopey lib gal…now an active Democrat by the way, who got herself dumbly involved in the Donald Coleman case and she ended up looking stupider than stupid.

I read the story carefully. The author, I’ll grant, went to great pains to document the crime, how it came about, the evidence against Coleman, the personalities of the investigators….that sort of thing. But the author was on a mission to convince ME, the reader, that Donald Coleman was innocent.

And there were, as there always are in cases like this, some rather questionable concerns. One witness swears that Coleman had been talking with him the night of the murder until after 10:30 pm. Further, this witness had proof that right after he got done talking with Donald he clocked into work and his clockcard does show him clocking in at around 10:45. He was a very plausible witness with no reason to be defending Donald Coleman with a very provable time frame.

Kitty Behan, the snot nosed liberal who came down from the hallowed city of DC, found quite a few other problems but dumb, damn she was dumb. And just a kid I would add.

First, Behan was convinced, CONVINCED I TELL YA, that Donald Coleman was innocent, that the rubes of the coal towns of Virginny had the wrong guy and further, heh, Behan knew who the REAL killer was.

Behan spent so much time trying to pin the crime on one Donald Ramey that after a while it was laughable. Let us make clear that the blood type of the rapist was determined by taking a sample of the semen found in the victim’s body. This was how it was done in the late 80’s when this crime took place. The rapist was a type B blood type, a not very common blood type let me add. Donald Ramey was a type A blood type but this fact didn’t stop the dedicated and dumb Kitty Behan.

That woman went to such lengths vilifying Ramey that he finally sued her law firm, and WON, for an undisclosed sum.

I could tell in my read that the young woman was nuts. Further, I can’t imagine that her law firm, a prestigious DC firm, allowed her to do the things she did, once even hinting that Ramey had somehow killed a witness she’d found who was willing to testify that Ramey had once raped her. This “witness” died of a drug overdose. By me, a little older and wiser than this Behan lib on a mission, the witness was a druggie. Behan accused Ramey of killing her.

Oh, and get this…the fine, fine Donald Coleman had been accused, found guilty and incarcerated for rape once before AND he was charged with indecent exposure by two librarians but how do all of Coleman’s dumb defenders explain this. They all lied. The woman who accused Coleman lied, the jury who convicted Coleman lied, the librarians…they lied.

At one point, which the author does, admirably, point out in the book, Behan managed to get a court to allow a DNA test of Coleman to DNA found on the victim. But guess what? The fine, fine Coleman refused to take the DNA test. Why? I mean, hey, I’m on death row, I’m innocent, this simple test will forever prove me innocent…why would I refuse?

Coleman says that when he was jailed right after the murder that some woman who delivered the food to jail seduced him. Coleman said he was afraid that the government would take a semen sample from THAT woman and say it came from the victim.

Say what?

Right then and there, and this revelation was made about a third of the way into the book, I knew that Donald Coleman was guilty. No innocent man would refuse a DNA test based on that stupid reason. Donald Colement knew the jig was up once that DNA test proved him, without a doubt, as the murderer.

I was at the point where I was laughing out loud at all the histronics in this novel when I chanced to do a search on…”Donald Coleman”. I wanted to check out if there was any further info on this crime, the trial, the subsequent execution because yeah, Coleman met Sparky.

I found this.

I was shocked. It would turn out that the very, very dumb Kitty Behan had managed to convince a bunch of Democrats that the judges and juries in this country were out of control. It was during the senate hearings for the confirmation of Sam Alito for the Supreme Court and the Democrat hyenas glommed onto this case as the reason to refuse Alito a spot on the court. For it is judges like Alito that caused poor Coleman to be innocently executed, or so went the hysteria.

Coleman finally had the DNA tests, the first one in the early 90’s. It would turn out that as DNA tests evolved they got more sophisticated. The first DNA test showed Coleman as the perp but it was the later DNA test, in 2006 as indicated in the linked Spectator article, that proved beyond any doubt, that Coleman was the guilty guy. Of course by this time Coleman had already mean the hangman but the libs were praying that this DNA test would prove Coleman innocent and this at the behest at the very, very stupid Kitty Behan.

Donald Coleman’s had every kind of blood test, DNA test, hair test, known to man. THE GUY DID IT!

Kitty Behan, though looking like the fool of all fools, is still on the loose.
Kitty Behan…a Rising Star?

In fact, she’s out trying to prove yet another death row denizen is innocent.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.
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  1. How carefully did you read the book considering you called Roger Coleman "Donald" throughout your whole review?

  2. How carefully did you read the book considering you called Roger Coleman "Donald" throughout your whole review?