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"Men In Black" by Mark Levin

In view of the recent Supreme Court Ruling turning over that bit about only Democrats having free speech while the rest of us should shut up, here’s a book review of Mark Levin’s (“the Great One”) “Men In Black”.

It’s the story of the Surpreme Court, its terrible rulings, and how this once vaunted branch of our government is ruled by not only politics but by FOREIGN LAW!

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”Men In Black” by Mark Levin

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So let me throw a gibe at my most despised Republican, that of Senator John McCain. What the hell was this alleged “conservative” thinking when he passed McCain-Feingold? That was a blatant assault on our Freedom of Speech and what part of “congress shall pass no law abridging freedom of speech” doesn’t McCain understand?

Recently the current Supreme Court, the one with Alito and John Roberts, Justices who don’t legislate from the bench, struck down that part of the McCain-Feingold law that took the ability to speak freely by businesses away from them.

No wait! You say that good old McCain and Feingold exempted radio and TV from that shut-your-mouth law? Like Levin explains so clearly in this book, that was just a “nicety” of the legislators. The stupid legislature didn’t exempt those media businesses because of any good intentions except they thought it would keep the public quiet. “Well the radio, newspapers and TV can still talk about candidates a month before an election so it must be okay” was how the corrupt legislature thought we would view it.

WHY SHOULD ANYBODY, BUSINESS OR PERSON, HAVE TO SHUT UP IN THE WEEKS LEADING UP TO AN ELECTION!? Just when we need a national dialogue the most the legislature, led by the Republican “Jackal of the Senate”, John McCain passes a law to shut us up. And you don’t think soon they’d go after the media, especially those big mouths in talk radio?
"Since the Democrat Party is and has always been less successful at raising funds from small contributors, some of its wealthy donors have discovered they can simply divert their contributions to these 527 groups, which can in turn use the money to help Democrat candidates. and that's exactly what has happened. For example, billionaire financier George Soros has committed tens of millions of dollars to Democrat-related groups. The washington Post reported, "Soros's contributions are filling a gap in Democratics Party finances that opened after the restrictions in the 2002 McCain-Feingold law took effect."

So in celebration of this historic and GOOD Supreme court ruling, I took to reading Levin’s “Men in Black” and folks, I was shocked.

The Supreme Court has made rulings through the years that effectively make these nine UNELECTED men in black de facto legislators.

They do it via that thing they call “by prior ruling”. Levin takes the reader through how a case is tried, how the trickier judges manage to insert some language into a ruling that, at some future date, will be there to be used to base a new, more freedom-robbing decision, on.

Dismiss any notion you might have that the Supreme Court is America’s mighty backup to out of control administrations and legislators.

As Mark Levin illustrates in his most spell-bounding verbiage on what could be a very dry subject, the Supreme Court has BECOME THE PROBLEM!

Read this book and be forewarned.

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