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"Robot Hearts"-Review of this Compilation of Online Dating Escapades

Robot Hearts" is a well-written compilation of online dating adventures, the good, the bad and the ugly. My own story-"We Did It!"- is included in this collection and it may well be the only one with a happy ending.


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”Robot Hearts”-Edited by Cara Bruce & Shawna Kenney

For in the interest of fairness and full disclosure, I must now reveal that The Wise I is a contributor to this book and probably one of the best.

That assertion, of course, must be taken with the proverbial grain of salt in that, well I am the one asserting this.

I did, however, read the entire book, every story about online dating, the perils, the pitfalls, the humor, the heartbreak…all of them.

MY story is the one with the happiest ending.

The short front cover synopsis of this book states it contains “true and twisted tales of seeking love in the digital age”.

This books contains some of the saddest and most depressing stories one would likely read about online dating. There are quite a few very humorous stories and besides mine, maybe two others with somewhat happy endings.

Because folks, online dating is not for everyone. For the record, I assert that my husband and myself are possibly one of the longest survivors of a relationship that began with a computerized encounter. We have been married now for 22 years and right there you got to know that when husband and I began our digital affair it didn’t start on the Internet. For there was no Internet back then.

We both had a Commodore 64 and belonged to a network service called Qlink. The 64 in the Commodore stood for how my KILObytes of RAM the machine had. The disk drive on the thing weighed around 75 pounds. It used a telephone dial up, a TV set for a monitor and a keyboard that held the machine’s power supply.

But it had email and online messaging and the President of Qlink did go on to become the President of America Online so there’s an auspicious beginning with it all.

Plenty of people, however, do participate in online dating and I know lots of couples who met that way. I don’t know many couples who have been married any length of time who met via online dating but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

I’d offer that the contributors to this book were, obviously, good writers. This book is, I’ll state right now, remarkably well-written.

Writers, heh, are a strange lot, some might say. To be a writer you got to be a lot of things: a dreamer, a romantic, imaginative, protective, jealous, permanently angry. There’s very few placid and ordinary writers around is what I’m saying here so this makes me ponder if that’s why so many of this book’s online dating stories are so, eh, strange.

Most of the contributors are also politically liberal. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but liberals, well they’re all a strange lot, tending to see the world exactly like it is NOT.

Thus I’m not sure if this book, or any book with a collection of this kind, accurately reflects the world and end results of an online dating experience.

Further, well the fact is that online dating is certainly not for everyone. A large percentage of the stories in this book are told, very well I must add, by older women, females who’ve had life long lives with partners who’ve died or who finally ended decades of an unhappy marriage by divorce.

These are exactly, I assert by my instinct alone, the types of folks who will not likely find their next love on Or if so it will probably take a while. I could be wrong. But my gut is that fellows who probably should be looking for fine women like this are likely writing profiles that they hope will attract young, lusty, curvaceous beauties half their age.

Still, folks, this was one terrific little book, great beach reading. Again I must mention the terrific writing. Every one of these contributors are good writers and it adds to the enjoyment.

Further, it’s a must-read for anyone ready to take a dive into online dating themselves.

And dear Lord don’t forget to read the submission by Pat Fish. It will alternately have you crying with joy and standing on your feet applauding.

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