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"Unexpected Treasures" by Dr. Mikel Brown

”Unexpected Treasures” by Dr. Mikel Brown is full of bromides and homilies but they’re all true and the book is worth the read.

In fact, I’d make this book a part of school curriculum and even better, couple this little gem with Dr. Brown’s course.

It’s bound to make a better person of any reader.

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”Unexpected Treasures” by Dr. Mikel Brown

…"72 Ways to Uncover Your Hidden Wealth"

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I thought this book was about such as Flea market type of items one might find in one’s attic.


Even after reading the book I still don’t know how to categorize the prose in my confused mind.

Dr. Mikel Brown is, evidently, a self-help guru of some sort. The book cover itself asserts that Brown is:

President and CEO of CJC Enterprises, through which he conducts seminars and special events.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this.

It was difficult at the beginning of my twilight years to find something in this book useful to me. Not that it wasn’t a pleasant read; not that I didn’t find myself nodding in happy agreement with the sentiments within, not that I didn’t drift into memory-land with some of the bromides and holilies shared liberally throughout.

An example of such a bromide: "Become a Success Where you Are and you will be a success where you are going"

Hey, the book is chock full of these sorts of things and there’s not a single lie in any part.

But I’ve already learned all the things of which Brown writes. There’s not much new in it to us “older and wiser” folk.

I did enjoy, well “enjoy” might not be the correct word, but I did become immersed in Brown’s story of his own divorce, the angst, the defeat. It was almost refreshing amidst all the upbeat happy hoopla that fills so many of the book’s pages. It was calming, in a fashion, to know that he who could wipe away all the world’s personal woes with his words too was in a hellish pit and had to climb out. Lectures are always more believable when coming from the experienced.

Brown’s deep religious faith is evident on every page and for this I was thankful. For without our God no pretty words will change a thing.

If my review seems negative, I hasten to say…not so. I sat and imagined my own daughter reading the prose, how enlightened and encouraged she would be at the positive messages within. Accompanied perhaps by actual attendance to one of Dr. Brown’s seminars I think this book could change lives infinitely for the better.

I ponder my own life, hardly passed by any measure but so much of my career is behind me, and I know that had I a chance to read and believe the words of wisdom and encouragement contained between the covers of this book I would have been better served. Had I chose to be a success where I was I would have been so successful where I was going. This is not to say I wasn’t a success, but the message of pride of place and position was not lost on my older self. It sure was on the younger me who only wanted to get beyond the bottom rungs of a career ladder to quickly ascend to the top.

I’m not sure that such messages would have changed the way I lived my life but I’m quite sure I would have been happier about it all.

Thus I’d not only recommend this book to readers needing optimism and hope, I’d encourage readers to seek out Dr. Brown and combine the book with his seminars.

It could never, under any circumstance or scenario imaginable, hurt.

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