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Review: Ann Coulter-"Guilty"…How Liberals Make Victims to Keep Their Power

Ann Coulter informs us and entertains us with her latest blockbuster…"Guilty".

A review of this book and reasons why you should read this book even if you think you already know everything.

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”Guilty” by Ann Coulter

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I am going to take the easy way for this book review and go overboard with the praise. Not that every word isn’t deserved but let me give it a try.

I enjoyed every single word of this book. I bounced out of bed in the morning with the happy thought that there was still plenty of Ann’s book left to read. I took in a couple of chapters in the evening and I’d force myself to put it down, that I had to save some until tomorrow. I kept checking how much I had left to read. I was happy when there were still many unread pages left and grew sadder as the unread pages grew shorter.

I laughed and shook my head and got angry and thanked God for books and Ann Coulter and a snarky writing style that lifted my heart.

I get a little leery of political books because they tend to make me upset. I know the politicos want to shut us up and for the most part I’m up enough on current events that very little new is revealed to me.

Not so with Coulter’s book. There was a plethora of information provided that I didn’t know and, of course, this made me enjoy the book all the more.

Terry Schiavo was a young woman who had a heart attack that deprived her of oxygen enough that while she survived she was hopelessly retarded. She had to be fed through a tube in her stomach but judging from video snippets shown during the Schiavo hysteria, she seemed to be in there.

Terry was loved by her parents and they were willing to keep her in their home, take care of her and assume all expense for her medical care. So why was the government, in the form of Terry’s husband, so eager to kill her?

The media of the era kept flashing polls at me that the majority of the American people thought food should be cut off from Terry, essentially starving her to death, that the American people thought congress should stay out of it, that Terry had no reason to go on living.

I was demoralized. They weren’t cutting off breathing machines from the woman after all. They would be denying her FOOD for God’s sake. And that bit with her husband was suspect as all get out. First, the guy had long been living with a new female in his life, even had a couple of kids with her. So why one earth did he want to kill Terry when her parents were willing to take her off his guilty, sinning hands? Plus the fine Mr. Schiavo had a very suspect shark of a lawyer who was obsessed with death and had written a few books on the matter.

For if they starve Terry Schiavo to death based on the questionable request of a husband who long ago moved on with his life, won’t they do this to any one of us?

What I didn’t know that polls taken with all the facts, such as revealing the status of Terry’s husband, came in overwhelmingly that the American public thought Terry should not be denied food and allowed to die, essentially be murdered.

This is just one of the many insights Coulter provides to the reader and this reader prides herself on knowing the scoop on almost all current events. Ann not only provides these insights that blow liberal lies out of the water, she documents and footnotes it all!

Another insight that had me shaking my head in wonder was the case of George W. and the arsenic in the water. It seems that the Clinton administration, before leaving office, deliberately changed the standards for allowable arsenic in the water. This despicable act was all planned. They knew that sound bytes about arsenic in the water would get public attention and start the new president off on shakey ground.

It turned out that the new standards as changed by the fine Bill Clinton who so sullied our oval office would cost millions of dollars to correct in water treatment plants across the country. Bush was forced to change the arsenic standard and the Media, as is their job and as they are trained, hyped the hysteria oh dear Lord this new, and illegally elected president, was going to kill our children by leaving arsenic in the water.

I remember all that noise and didn’t understand what it was all about. Again, Ann enlightened me on the truth of the matter and I am disgusted.

What disgusts me even more is why George W. Bush never defended himself.

The man never did, he never did, he let “no weapons of mass destruction” become a mantra of truth when Saddam had millions of oil dollars that would get him a nuclear bomb in but a day and he never asked his critics if they thought the world would be better with Saddam Hussein still alive. I mean the Saddam’s own countrymen hung him, go on. He’d already started a war in the early 90’s and we didn’t take him down then. But the media carped about no weapons of mass destruction when Saddam could have, with but a snap of his fingers, order a delivery of fine nukes and likely would have at some point in time. But did George Dubya ever counter his critics? No. But hey, Saddam is no more and the world is much better off for it.

At any rate, I cannot recommend this book enough and right now I am going to go and get any other Coulter books she’d written that I avoided because I thought I already knew it all.

Thank you Ann for documenting the truth so artfully, precisely and with a humor that keeps us laughing through the read.

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