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TV-"Celebrity Apprentice"-Kiss Him Goodbye; Book Review with Video-You Gotta See This

A rather unique book review here. We've got "A Wife's Revenge" by Eric Francis. Coincidentally as I read this book this story of Susan Wright was featured on CBS' "48 Hours".

Thus we have video of this book's subject, a pretty woman who killed her husband in a most heartless and horrific manner.

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A Book Review Also Covered by “48 Hours”

Warning, if yon reader has not read this book please note I make no effort to hide the outcome in my book reviews.

In a bit of serendipity, I’d already checked out this book by Eric Francis when I chanced to read the upcoming synopsis of a “48 Hours” episode. It would seem that this crime show documentary would also be covering the death of Jeffrey Wright at the hand of his pretty wife, Susan.

Cool, I thought. I’ll read the book, then watch the show, and hey, I’ll make a Blog post about both.

In January of 2003, Susan Wright teased her husband Jeffrey into what he thought was a bit of playful sex. She tied Jeffrey’s arms and legs to the bedposts and then she proceeded to stab the helpless man, count ‘em, 193 TIMES.

montage of susan wright from 48 hours

susan wright montage from 48 hours

Jeffrey Wright was not such a nice guy. He had a bit of a cocaine problem and according to others beyond Susan, he tended to get really rough with the couples’ two young boys. Jeff also regularly cheated on Susan, once gifting her with a sexually transmitted disease he’d caught during his regular trysts with Las Vegas prostitutes.

I can understand that Susan didn’t like her husband anymore and wanted him gone from her life. But I’ve always divorced those husbands I didn’t like and that’s the generally accepted protocol. We normally don’t get a free pass to murder inconvenient spouses.

Of course Wright’s defense team claimed self-defense. Susan was a sweet blond little thing. Jeffrey’s bad behavior was well-known by all those around Susan, indeed even Jeff’s own family. It was the best defense.

Except for that little matter of those 193 stab wounds that some, indeed most, would consider overkill, you think? Not to mention that the man was tied and helpless to his bed while sweet Susan extracted her revenge.

To add to Susan’s cruelty, she’d taken the tip of the knife and nicked Jeff’s penis a few times, nicks that were certainly not meant to kill the man but just a mean method of torture before Susan drove the knife home.

Only Susan claims that Jeff was not tied to the bed at all. She said those neckties still on Jeff’s hand when he was found, buried in a shallow hole beside the couple’s house of all places, were used to tie Jeff’s dead body to a dolly that she’d used to transport Jeff’s body to said shallow hole.

Oh yea. Susan didn’t deny killing Jeff and she admitted to burying his body in that hole and to living in the same house with his body for almost a week until she got her ducks in a row and admitted to the killing.

The trial went on and, according to the book:
"The prosecution was in no mood to cut Susan any slack on Jeff's killing. They took a look at the 193 stab wounds, a week spent telling fishy stories about how Jeff had taken off, and the clean-up efforts and they concluded they were not looking at an act of self-defense"

The thing is Susan got sentenced to 25 years in jail for Jeff’s death but that could be reduced to half for good behavior.

The author posits that the truth in the slaying of Jeffrey Wright lies somewhere in between cold-blooded murder and self defense. A position I might buy into. The whole scenario didn’t seem to be pre-planned and according to the book, Jeff had arrived home high on cocaine and had been tormenting the children for the better part of the evening. I suspect that something in Susan’s mind just snapped and she came up with that sex scenario either immediately or she’d had the notion in her head right along and that night was the time to do the deed.

The “48 Hours” episode fleshed out the book nicely in that, first, it was different to see the perp of the True Crime book in action while reading the novel and a few other details came out in the show that weren’t mentioned in the book. Plus Susan’s mother testified on her daughter’s behalf and she denied that she and Susan’s father had a violent marriage but admitted that Susan and her sister weren’t raised in an “Ozzie and Harriet” home.

The show revealed that in the week during which Jeff’s remains were buried in that shallow hole Susan had removed his name from the joint checking account as well as the couples’ phone mail message.

Odd behaviors indeed for a victim who claimed she was so frightened of Jeff that even though his hand still stuck out of that hole beside the house Susan said she was so mentally distraught she thought he was still alive.

Yeah, right.

It’s hard to believe that Susan Wright will probably be a free woman in ten more years. She killed a man in a most horrific manner and even with Jeffrey being a bit of an asshole, he sure didn’t deserve that.

Below a remix of scenes from the “48 Hours” episode.

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