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TV Review-"Celebrity Apprentice" Dog Challenge; "Peoples' Choice Awards 08"; Book Review-"Unfinished Murder"

Finally, a book review, "Unfinished Murder" by James Neff. The book title is indicative of a True Crime that is considered by many to be a killing crime not quite complete. He's a serial rapist and this is a story of his life and how he got caught.


Which is your favorite character?

1) Tazmanian Devil
2) Tweety
3) Marvin the Martian
4) Scooby Doo
5) Daffy Duck
6) Pepe LePew
7) Sylvester
8) Speedy Gonzales
9) Bugs bunny

Scroll down when you decide which one is your favorite. Remember, do not cheat. Pick your character before scrolling down.

If you like .............

1) Tasmanian Devil -> You are wacky and crazy!!! You are the centre of attention at parties. You love Food and are always causing chaos. When you are on a date, you're the one that makes the 1st move. Love comes and goes for you. Can you say "player"?!?

2) Tweety -> aaaaw you're soo CUTE!! Everyone loves you 'cause you're so adorable physically and mentally. Face it, people are jealous of you. Love is always there for you. You're the typical "long-relationship" kinda person. You LOVE cuddling but P.D.A is not your style. If something goes wrong in relationships (family, etc...) you always go to your friends for advice. Tweety-Lovers are great listeners.

3) Marvin the Martian -> You are DEFINITELY in control of your life. People say you're a "Control Freak". You're the kind of person who is ALWAYS paranoid with unimportant issues, but that's ok 'cause there is always someone there to relieve that paranoia. Love is very valuable to you. Relationships have been hardships for you but just remember that you're in control.

4) Scooby Doo -> Let's face it, people around you find you quite annoying sometimes. Whether it would be the whining or nagging, but it's driving your friends crazy. If you have problems in life, just keep them on the "DL". To get on the positive side of things, you are very helpful and you love to solve mysteries and problems. Love is a condition far away from your mind. The best advice for Scooby Doo Lovers is to deal with your problems on your OWN.

5) Daffy Duck -> You are annoying in this cute sorta way. People love being around you because of your utter goofiness. Making people laugh is your speciality. Daffy Lovers think there is a soul mate out there for everyone. Love is something you haven't found deeply yet but your "soul mate" will be there, CLOSER than you think.

6) Pepe Le Pew -> You are the sweetest and most loveable person there is. Guys/Girls love being around your "charmed" personality. When there is something you want, you will TRY to get it, no question about it, Pepe Lovers don't take NO for an answer. It's hard to please you but it is very easy for you to please others with your endearing inner-self. Love is here for you and always will be. Not only talking about boyfriends/girlfriends, but family or friends. If someone lets you down, there is always someone else that loves you and is there. I would have to say that Peppe Lovers are the luckiest.

7) Sylvester -> You are very fun-loving and easy to please. People are always talking behind your back because of their utter jealousy. Laughing is what you do best. Crying comes once in a life time for you. You are very unique in a good way. People wanna be like you and find you as a "cool" person. Love is easy for you to find. Your motto would probably be "smile".

8) Speedy Gonzales -> You are ambitious and always heading for your goal. You are a very "fast" thinker and intelligent. It's often genetic in Speedy Gonzales Lovers. Love comes once in a life-time, unfortunately, but you always have your family supporting you. For you, FAMILY always comes 1st.

Bugs Bunny for tidbit about cartoon characters

”Unfinished Murder-the Capture of a Serial Rapist” by James Neff

Ronnie Shelton is a handsome fellow who is locked away, if God is in His heaven, in a jail cell for the rest of his life.

Shelton is a serial rapist who raped an unknown number of women from 1983 through 1988 in the Cleveland area. Thirty women testified in his trial against him and common sense indicates there are many more.

This was an interesting book both in terms of the details of the perp’s perversion, the Keystone Kop attempts to catch the guy and the surprising end to his trial. The book’s title is how rape is often characterized, ie as “unfinished murder” as the crime kills the psyche of the victim in so many manners.


First note here, True Crime books almost always have a montage of pics in the middle, pics of the perp, pics of the victim(s), pics of prosecutors, and so forth. There was NO picture of Ronnie Shelton in this book about him. That’s odd as all get out. For Shelton was described throughout the book as handsome and all-American looking, this in direct contradiction to his horrifying behavior. A picture was desperately needed. However, I did a search of the Internet and found no images of anybody with this name. Why keep the pics of a RAPIST from the public eye? Are we trying to protect the guy?

Next, like so many parents of horrible criminals, Ronnie’s parents stood by him. I could never defend in any way a son of mine who so brutalized women like this handsome All-American guy did. Some might say that his parents believed him innocent but come on…thirty women testified against the guy. Further, when they finally got this pervert behind bars the rapes stopped! Imagine that!

The most intriguing of this story is the prosecutor’s tactics in trying this guy.

Shelton did not kill any of his rape victims and for that, well hey he didn’t get the death penalty. But you’ve got a young fellow here who somehow managed to sneak into 30 women’s homes and rape them. Shelton’s modus operandi was to watch the activities of a potential victim, note her comings and goings, how she locked the house, when the males in their lives left them alone. He would plot how to get at the woman and most times he managed to do it.

What, you think after he got out of jail for the 30 rapes for which he was charged he’d stop? His fine parents supported the guy so all he had to do with his life is plot how to brutalize women.

The prosecutor took a different but very effective tact. Instead of choosing the best and most evidence-filled rape case, or even just a few, prosecutor McGinty had over 30 women testify against the guy. Woman after woman after woman got on that stand and told her story. It wasn’t easy for the prosecutor to get all these women together and agree to testify and indeed, the defense, even the judge, complained about all the victims.

Shelton got over 3000 years in jail as a result of this prosecutorial tactic. Even with parole he’ll be in jail over a thousand years.

This guy is a bad apple. He’s the type who should be locked behind bars, FOREVER. His mental disease is simply too great, he is too consumed with his crimes, he’ll never stop. To give this guy another chance to walk the planet is to put more innocent women in jeopardy for his pleasure.

His parents must be so proud of their boy.
Focus on Book Reviews-2

"Fatal Analysis" by Dr. Martin Obler and Thomas Clavin

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